Kaizen Hybrid Training

Embrace Your Capabilities

Kaizen Hybrid Training is a private training facility that brings together various fitness, wellness and athletic avenues. We offer one on one personal training, small group training, group classes and bootcamps and athletic development. We work with anyone from the advanced athlete to the exercise newbie.

Additionally we offer massage therapy, injury rehab and nutritional consulting and supplementation. We have everything you need to be healthy, fit and strong!

Kaizen Hybrid Training

Holly Joy McCabe

Kaizen Hybrid Training is my lifelong dream. I have been teaching in the health and fitness field for over 10 years, and have had an interest in health for years preceding. In 2009 My passion for fitness expanded further into the field of holistic wellness with massage therapy includes alternative healing, aromatherapy, energy work, and various bodywork modalities for an array of physical ailments. The physical body and its abilities never ceases to amaze me, and I have dedicated my life to pursuing a never ending journey of learning and teaching about health and fitness.

I have a passionate interest in the betterment of daily life for individuals of all backgrounds; whether they suffer from chronic health issues , disabling sports injuries, or simply live with excessive stress and weight and I believe that life can be drastically improved with proper nutrition, stress management and training. With an intense focus on general and overall well-being by offering nutrition and fitness programs, a variety of training styles and various bodywork modalities it is my vision that Kaizen Hybrid Training will become a name recognized for it’s diverse environment and unique offerings.


With small group training, you get the benefit of group energy with personalized attention.

Personal Training

Our signature service, our personal training programs are much more than just a workout.

Athletic Development

Enhance your athletic performance and improve your activity, while staying injury free.

  • Kaizen is great! The trainers makes sure everything is at YOUR level.

  • I have been training with Holly for about 4 years. The workouts are never the same, never boring, and always challenging. Love Kaizen!

  • There is no other place for a great 30-minute workout that will get you sweating it out. Holly rocks!

  • Sometimes, you can't figure out know what is missing in your life until you finally find it. Big thanks to Holly for helping me find "me" and more importantly, to love me in spite of my flaws while learning to embrace my strengths.

  • Holly is awesome! She totally kicks your butt in only 30 minutes. My favorite part is that she is great at working with injuries. She gives you alternate exercises without making you feel singled out. Highly recommend!

  • I have been with Kaizen for 2 ½ years training with Holly, and at times, other trainers for bootcamp. The trainers, having their own styles, are very good. There is a lot of variety in the bootcamp classes that work all parts of the body. Holly also teaches nutrition which has helped immensely. Thank you Holly and Kaizen!